Who Is At Risk?

Sleep Apnea occurs in all age groups and both sexes, but there are certain factors that put you at higher risk. Family history of Sleep Apnea, Overweight, Large Neck Size, 40 or Older, Recessed Chin, Small Jaw, Large Overbite, Ethnicity, Smoking and Alcohol use.

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Why Sound Sleep Solutions?

We specialize in treating sleep disorders with the most current approved technology that is available today. Most Sleep Apnea patients are treated with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) which is often loud, uncomfortable and claustrophobic thereby not allowing for a good night's sleep. Sound Sleep Solutions specializes in Oral Dental Appliances that are comfortable, quiet and convenient allowing you a good night's sleep at home or while traveling.

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How Can We Help?

The first step would be a consultation to determine your risk for Sleep Apnea or other Sleep Disorders. Once a risk is determined, we will have you participate in an easy at-home sleep study which will monitor your sleep cycles and key medical data. Based on this sleep study we can determine your condition and offer the most appropriate solution. Most insurance companies cover these services and devices.

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Robert “ After sleeping with the appliance for one night I could not believe the difference. I fell asleep without any issues, even though I had this new appliance in my mouth. When I woke up in the morning I realized I had vividly dreamt for the first time in years. I felt completely rested and full of energy. My wife sleeps much better since my snoring has completely been eliminated. I can’t imagine sleeping without my dental appliance. It’s very convenient when traveling and cleans easily. Thanks Doc!”